• The first graphic in this promo, Setting the scene as an investigation board and hinting towards the following Graphics.

  • A Bespoke Newspaper Front page design, and an element in the background of the first board

  • The other element that was part of the investigation board, further emphasising the notoriety of the people in the program and reinforcing the theme of the promo.

  • The Newspaper design. This was designed, printed, crumpled and then scanned back in before being used as an element in the final composition.

Danny Dyers Deadliest Men - Promo GFX

Motion Graphics

Got to Work on this promo for Danny Dyers series meeting the true Hard Men of the United Kingdom. I decided to emphasise the grittiness of these characters through a very grungy bad video look, over the top of the Investigation Board design that runs throughout again reinforcing the criminality and dangerous exploits of the characters being profiled.